A-League Men set to start ‘new era,’ but will this one stick?

“Another new era for the game?”

Delivered through a grin, leave it to Ange Postecoglou to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

Once again, Australian football is being touted as entering a brave new epoch as the 2021-22 A-League Men season dawns, alongside an A-League Women campaign that will begin on Dec. 3. Yes, ALM and ALW; the two competitions, alongside A-League Youth, brought under the same “A-Leagues” banner and serving as the most obvious portent that this is a new age in the Australian game.

Full story in ESPN Australia: https://www.espn.com.au/football/australian-a-league-men/story/4523740/a-league-men-set-to-start-new-era,-but-will-this-one-stick

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